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Burgess Seed & Plant Company has hundreds of products to fill and maintain every space in your yard and garden. Burgess Seed & Plant Company includes garden care products and space-saving tools in addition to large varieties of hybrid and specialized garden plants. Burgess Seed & Plant Company is a leading mail-order nursery company supplying millions of satisfied gardeners—from planting to maintaining, harvesting to processing!

Burgess Seed & Plant Company provides customers with a wide selection of hybrid varieties and provide hardy plant selections that grow well even in colder regions.

Time-Monitored Shipping: Burgess Seed & Plant Company carefully monitors the weather and ship orders to various parts of the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands when conditions are right for planting and weather permits. To ensure that products arrive at the right time of year for planting, we separate orders and ship products so that they are ready to plant. Combined with our hand-selection and packaging process, customers find this helpful.

Convenient Ordering: Burgess Seed & Plant Company secure ordering process is quick, easy and reliable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Burgess Seed & Plant Company stands behind their products, offering a 1-year product guarantee.

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Burgess Seed & Plant Co has all the seeds, bulbs, perennials and ornamentals to make your yard and garden more beautiful. Each year new and exciting varieties and values are added to tried and true favorites. You always get low prices and a great selection.

Burgess Seeds and Plants